Crafting the finest needlepoint belts available, Good Threads is a true social business. The company was founded to help mothers of the Joan Rose Foundation (JRF) bring stability and the basic necessities to their households through the production and sale of needlepoint products. We feed a child at the JRF for two weeks for every needlepoint belt sold. \We work in tandem with the JRF to develop our community and provide our employees’ children with the chance to succeed in life.

Joan Rose Foundation

The Joan Rose Foundation(JRF) was founded in 2010 to provide impoverished children with the opportunity to succeed. The JRF provides children with food, private school tuition, tutoring, medical and legal assistance as needed and other extracurricular activities. When the JRF was founded in 2010 almost none of the parents of its children had stable employment. Good Threads now employs every single parent of the children at the JRF and other non JRF members in the local Haitian community.

Buying A Needlepoint Belt For The Greater Good

We are the only needlepoint belt supplier or company that offers a portion of each belts revenue to charity. We have provided more than 20,000 meals to children at the JRF to date. Feeding children is the JRF’s single biggest expense. By stepping in and helping the JRF with this expense, Good Threads has allowed the JRF to spend more on education and other important needs.

One of the biggest problems in Haiti is a near total lack of jobs. Only 33% of the country has formal employment. By employing the JRF families, Good Threads stabilizes their households. Before Good Threads, the JRF would lose a lot of children whose parents moved away in search of work. No family employed by Good Threads has ever moved away. Good Threads employment also ensures that our children do not go through the trauma of going days without food or being thrown out of their homes.

“These guys are great. Not only do you get an amazing quality product from Good Threads, you genuinely make a real impact on people’s lives at the same time. How awesome is that?!” Jacob Branson

CEO, Hands For Healing

Since founding the company in 2013, we have refined our product, developed our workforce and expanded our catalog. We take great pride in our ability to provide quality employment and a quality product. We hope you choose us to fulfill your needlepoint needs and to create your custom needlepoint belts, so that we can continue grow and improve the lives of hard-working Haitians.

Making A Difference

Good Threads is a true social business. We were founded to help mothers of the Joan Rose Foundation (JRF) bring stability and the basic necessities to their households. For each handcrafted needlepoint belt we sell, we feed a child at the Joan Rose Foundation for two weeks.

What Else Does Good Threads Do?


David Palmer founded the Joan Rose Foundation in Esperanza, Dominican Republic. The JRF opened its doors with 43 children in October. By December the JRF had about 65 children, half Haitian and half Dominican.


Good Threads more than doubles its revenue from the previous year. By the end of the year Good Threads employed about 30 stitchers. In the fall Tim Palmer left the company to follow in his other brother’s footsteps and join the United States Navy.


The JRF grew from 65 children to 100 children, David fully internalized just how important it is to find some way to employ the parents of the children at the JRF. Catherine Serrano, future director of the JRF visited for a few months and fell in love with the work and kids.


Due to discrimination in the Dominican Republic the Joan Rose Foundation, Good Threads and their 23 core families moved from Esperanza, Dominican Republic to Jacmel, Haiti. The JRF built 12 buildings encompassing 27 housing units. This move was made possible by Good Threads ability to employ our parents as Haiti has few jobs.


The JRF has grown to 120 children. David learned about needlepoint belts and just how long they take to make. David began researching how one makes a needlepoint belt and where to source materials in the Dominican Republic. By December Good Threads had its first prototypes.


Christopher Ross shuts down his own business to join the Good Threads team as the Director of Sales. Good Threads moves its finishing process from Eliza B to Haiti Leather. Revenue is on pace to quadruple from 2015 and Good Threads has over 70 full time employees, including all of the parents of children at the JRF.


David and his brother, co-founder Tim Palmer, launched the first website and began needlepoint belt sales in March 2013. Good Threads made great progress growing our work force and refining our needlepoint products. Good Threads employed 15 mothers by the end of the year.

The Future

Good Threads hopes to employ 200 people by the end of 2017, which would make us the single biggest employer in Southern Haiti. We look forward to creating new needlepoint products, adding to our catalog and continuing to grow. Good Threads will continue to provide excellent employment for impoverished Haitians, feed children at the JRF and provide our customers with the best needlepoint products on the market.

We craft some of the highest quality needlepoint belts in the world — and it’s all for a great cause. Join us behind the scenes as we delve into why our products, and our employees, are so incredible.

We Take Pride In Crafting Only The Best Needlepoint Belts

While we take great pride in all of the good we do for the families in the JRF community, we also take great pride in the product we produce. Our needlepoint belts are second to none in the needlepoint market. We use full grain leather for our end straps and backing. Other companies use cheaper leathers to save a buck, but we want our belts to last a lifetime, which means full grain is the only choice. From our buckles, to our thread, to our leather, we search high and low to ensure that our belts are made from the best possible materials. We then combine these high end materials with the skill and attention to detail of our world class stitchers to create a beautiful needlepoint belt.

We sell single and wholesale orders of needlepoint belts, custom belts, batch orders of custom belts and batch orders of belts from our catalog. If you are in the market for a needlepoint product we can help you.

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Did You Know?
A single purchase of one of our needlepoint belts will feed a child in need for an entire month! Stop by our store and take a look at the amazing craftsmanship our workers have to offer.
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