Needlepoint Belts

Each one of our needlepoint belts is hand-stitched and hand-crafted to perfection.


By choosing Good Threads you are buying a beautiful needlepoint product and choosing to support a company that does business the Right Way.

Good Threads is a true social business. Employment opportunity is scarce in Haiti, and most jobs offer sporadic work, far from home, with little financial security or benefits. Our employees stitch our products from home, allowing them flexibility to care for their families and households. We are passionate about elevating the lives of our Haitian families through employment opportunity, social and financial support, and providing the tools necessary to break the cycle of poverty. Additionally, through supporting our sister non-profit organization the Joan Rose Foundation, Good Threads improves the lives of Haitian children and their families.

For every needlepoint belt sold, Good Threads donates a portion of its revenue to the Joan Rose Foundation, feeding a child for two weeks.

Good Threads belts use the best quality materials available, including pearl cotton thread, full grain leather, and solid brass buckles.

Good Threads uses universal belt sizing and recommends ordering your standard Pant Size + 2 (i.e. someone who wears a 36 pants should order a 38 belt).

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Did You Know?
Did You Know?
A single purchase of one of our needlepoint belts will feed a child in need for 2 weeks! Stop by our store and take a look at the amazing craftsmanship our workers have to offer.
You can make a difference, right now.
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